Travel info

Arrival to Estonia and Tartu (more detailed info)

Shortly, the most convenient ways for coming to Tartu are:                                           

Airport Shuttle bus leaves from Tartu Airport to the city in about 15 minutes after the plane has arrived, but also waits for anyone who needs a ride to the city. The shuttle will drop you off at any place in Tartu city and the ticket  (5 EUR) can be bought either in cash or with a debit/credit card from the driver. If booked earlier, the shuttle also picks you up from anywhere in Tartu and takes you to the airport (5 EUR).

Lux Express buses that depart from the central station in Tallinn at exact hour (12.00, etc) stop 5 min later at Airport bus stop (“Tallinna lennujaam”). You can check the schedule and buy your ticket online. Tickets can be also bought in the bus or at self-service desk in the airport.

As train station is 5 km from airport, this might be an option for those who plan to spend some time in Estonia's charming capital Tallinn before coming to Tartu.

An alternative for visitors with better suited flight schedule to Riga. Please note that AGM participants will be taken to Tallinn on Friday evening, May 8, to spend a night in Tallinn (check information in the accommodation section). Please consider that when planning your trip to Estonia.

Getting around in Tartu

It will be just a few minutes walk to the hotels and venues of the Staff Training and AGM from the Tartu bus station (map on walking routes).  Tartu's neoclassical centre is small enough to cover on foot. You can find taxi stops in the stations, airport, next to town hall square etc. Most taxi drivers speak some English and all taxis are equipped with meters. Within town centre taking a taxi costs around 10 EUR.