UN Erasmus Staff Training Event

Utrecht Network Erasmus Staff Training "Facilitating Researcher Mobility in the Utrecht Network: Quality Services and a Welcoming Culture" at the University of Tartu 5-7 May, 2015

Researcher mobility is an important part of European strategies related to higher education, the development of labour markets, and the advancement of innovative knowledge. For universities around the world, the mobility of researchers is crucial to long term success in excellence in the advancement of knowledge. The connections that exist between research, education and innovation, along with the added value that mobility brings to all of these areas, make the issue of research mobility an important area of concern for the Utrecht Network. The Network provides a strong opportunity for supporting and furthering the mobility of researchers. 

The purpose of this training event is to bring together UN staff dealing with research mobility to share ideas and good practice on how to deliver quality services for researcher mobility. Throughout the Network, the member institutions have differing levels of experience and institutional organization for supporting research mobility. We wish to bring this diversity together in order to support those members that are only starting to develop institutional frameworks and those that have experience and seeking to improve their practices.

The overall theme of the event is ensuring quality services for mobile researchers within a welcoming culture. The training event will consist of presentations, workshops and networking opportunities designed to stimulate discussion and the sharing of good practices. The event is organized in a way to have relevance for individuals working at either the strategic or practical levels of institutional activity involving researcher mobility. The importance of research mobility is well recognised throughout Europe and the world and this workshop will support the efforts of the Utrecht Network members in developing their services in this field.