Locations of Utrecht Network’s Annual General Meeting


Wednesday, 6 May    
19.00    Utrecht Network hosted dinner for AGM participants at Tartu Environmental Education Centre (Lille St. 10).
Meeting point: 18.50 at the lobby of the hotel Pallas, it takes 5 minutes to walk from the hotel to the Environmental Education Centre.
Thursday, 7 May
Please see the map for the best walking route to the main building and the town hall square at  (getting around in Tartu). From Pallas hotel it takes about 15 minutes to walk to the main square and main building.

10.30 – 11.45    New Faces Session at the University Main Building (Ülikooli St. 18 room 138).
Meeting point: 10.10 at the lobby of the hotel Pallas. If you have registered to attend this session a separate e-mail will be sent to you about the format of the session.

UN in a nutshell. An overview of network activities will be given by the Steering Committee and  Task Force chairs are invited to present their Task Forces.  The session is open to everyone interested, not just to those who have not attended  the AGM before. It is a perfect time to express interest joining a task force and inquire about their activities or to offer ideas for new initiatives for the network.
12.15    Lunch at the restaurant Atlantis (Narva St. 2) with staff training participants.
Meeting point: 12.00 at the town hall square (Raekoja plats).
14.00    AGM at the University Main Building, Senate Hall (Ülikooli St. 18).

19.00    Dinner at the restaurant Polpo: www.polpo.ee.
Meeting point: 18.50 at the lobby of the hotel Pallas.
Friday, 8 May    
8.50    AGM at the University Main Building, Senate Hall.
Meeting point: 8.30 at the lobby of the hotel Pallas.

19.00    Trip to Tallinn, accommodation in the hotel Santa Barbara. Luggage can be left to the hotel, as we depart from the hotel.
Saturday, 9 May    
10.00     Guided walking tour in the city center of Tallinn, duration ca 2 hours. Optional event.


Please note that the Network will cover the accommodation costs (two nights) for one person per institution attending the AGM.  It is expected that individual institutions will pay for the third night’s accommodation.